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Avoid software bugs with the implementation of a Smart Contract Audit

· Smart Contract Audit

Cybersecurity is the major issue companies both big and small are facing these days. It is becoming increasingly hard to keep your data safe and not fall into the circle of hacked victims. The blockchain-based technology called Smart Contracts is not an exception - it also encounters a significant threat in association with the token sale projects. Its wide spectrum of applications entails the risk linked to the constantly circulating funds and ways to preserve their existence.

In order to protect your company from cyber threats that can bring your business down, Smart Contract Audit is implemented. The deployment of this tool is crucial for the well-being of any aspiring company. Instead of looking at it as an expenditure, it makes sense to consider it as an investment worth making.

In essence, Smart Contract Audit is a meticulous verification of the computer code for bugs, vulnerable points and possible risks prior to deploying it onto the Ethereum platform.

The widely occurring pitfalls include:

  • Timestamp dependance
  • Exception disorder
  • Gas limit and loops
  • Spiteful libraries
  • Re-entrancy
  • Byte array
  • Balance equality
  • Redundant fallback function
  • Unchecked external call

From real estate to healthcare, and from artificial intelligence to construction - the uses of the service are numerous and they spread across all industries. With the ongoing demand for the audit, Blockchain App Factory manages to meet its customers’ needs by providing end to end smart contract development solutions composed of the following steps:

Contact & Quote
You send them the audit code - they share the quote.

Audit & Report
They audit your contract - you receive a report with established issues.

Modification & Review
They fix the issues - you review the changes.

Second Audit & Publishment
They do the second auditing - you enjoy the perks of a published smart contract.

As you can tell, the proper testing of smart contracts is vital to prevent your investors from losing profits and to ultimately benefit from this digital and cost-efficient contract. Their highly qualified professionals with an extensive knowledge of smart contract development and security ensure the provision of qualitative services with an utmost attention to details. Be it an ICO, STO or a Security Smart Contract Audit - they are able to assure the flawless performance of your contract and the consequent gains.

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